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About Fibercoin

Fibercoin is an open source, blockchain-based cryptocurrency with low expenses, high network decentralization, and provide users with a simple, secure, private, and stable digital transactions.
Fibercoin launched out as a coin to address the needs of small investors who get caught up in the waves and frenzies that are created by the huge investors. The Fibercoin project aims to be a consistently profitable long term cryptocurrency project.


Fibercoin base exchange which 0.01% trade commission and no withdraw fee.

POS & Masternode - Revenue Generator

Proof of Stake and Masternode features of Fibercoin are new form of generating passive income.

Superblock Algorithm

In every 10,000 blocks, 33 FBC will be awarded to 33 blocks


We have a flourishing cryptocurrency community on discord, twitter, telegram, reddit & various forums.

Fibercoin Specifications

Now it is time to meet the Leader

Name & Ticker

Coin Name: Fibercoin
Coin Ticker: FBC
Slogan: Fast Blockchain Cash
Projected ROI: ~ 150% / 250 days


The first few blocks were generated by Proof of Work Quark Algorithm. Further generation of new blocks is done by combination of Masternodes with Proof of Stake Algorithm.

Coin Supply

Maximum Supply: 21,000,000 FBC
Premine: 2,100,000 FBC
Premined coins were used for swap.

Masternode Collateral

A total of 10,000 FBC is required to run a masternode.
Average MN reward frequency: 4 hours
Expected first reward time: 10 hours

Block Spacing & Reward

Block Spacing: 4 Minutes
Block reward: 4~33 FBC
Masternode reward: 70~90%
PoS reward: 10~30%


RPC port: 33114
P2P / Masternode port: 30114

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Whether you are a developer, merchant, end user, or window shopper, we welcome you to the Fibercoin community.


A powerful coin built on a proven platform enhanced by a new technological innovation that is unique and unbeatable.

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Meet the Fibercoin Team

Meet the dedicated and passionate professionals building the Fibercoin blockchain and ecosystem.
We as a team are proud to present Fibercoin to the world.

Didar Metu

Core Developer

Scott Larock

Advisor & Community Promoter

Rouge Conner

Designer & Web developer

Community Member

Everyone of you is a part of our team.

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